Mounted Replicated Datastore (Hitachi) not viewed on other hosts in cluster

I have 2 Sites (clusters vmware). 1 cluster store production data and the other one receive replicated some Datastores. The replication process is made by Hitachi Datastore (Extended True Copy).

When I want to mount one of these replicated Datastores in a host, it works. It's mounted but the other hosts doesn't view the Datastore mounted (still is available for mounting). If I execute those steps in other host, the result is the same (mounted in that host but not viewed in other hosts).

I've tried with Rescan All, rebooting hosts but nothing resolves that problem.

If I create a new Volume for a new Datastore on the replicated Site, and I mount it in a host, the other ones view it. Site 2 has also other Datastores that are seen in all the hosts members of the cluster.

So, it only occurs with replicated Datastores.

When I split the pair (synchroniced volumes by Hitachi), I set them with read&write permissions. Even I unmount them from Site 1. There's no permission problems because the mounted Datastore can be edited in Site 2 in the host that can mount it.

I've checked HA configuration, but I don't know where the problem is.

Please, can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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