SHD shows that there is a new driver for the intel 82599EB cards, but it doesn't fit on esxi 6.7

I ran an analysis on vSphere esxi 6.7 U3 hosts. 
SHD showed that according to VCG there is a new driver for the intel 82599EB cards.
When i follow the link and download the driver. The driver shows it is for esxi 6.5

In the readme file of the driver, it tells :

Copyright(c) 2013 - 2021 Intel Corporation

This release includes the native ixgben VMware ESX Driver for Intel(R) Ethernet
Controllers 82599, x520, x540, x550 and x552 family

Driver version:

Supported ESXi release: 6.5
Compatible ESXi versions: 6.7 7.0


But you can't install this driver with VUM on ESXi 6.7 hosts... 
How to proceed??

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

@brtlvrs SHD suggests the drivers as listed on the VCG. As of 17/jun/21 latest available driver for this device on 6.7 U3 line is ixgben version SHD just validates the ESXi Version. Driver version against this. Though the driver says ESXi-65;**, it is the driver listed even for 6.7 U3

For installation instructions please review:





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