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SHD 4.0.1 Patch release available

SHD 4.0.1 Release Highlights:-
  • New Features:
  • Support for VMware Cloud Gateway Diagnostics for vSphere+
  • Supporting the analysis feature for MCGW for vSphere+ customers for direct connect as well as Log bundle upload.
  • Users can use this feature to perform diagnostics when vSphere+ registered vCenters or MCGW is disconnected from the Cloud or run health checks periodically to ensure the system is in a healthy state.
  • Added 11 checks in GW diagnostic for Certificate, Password Expiry, Storage status, VMware Cloud reachability, FQDN resolution.
  • SHD can also analyze all agents log to report any problem observed in agents.
  • Support to perform patching for offline (non-internet connected) customers.
  • Post deprecation of ISO now customers can use offline patching feature to update the environment.
  • Offline users must migrate to 4.0 release to use this feature.
  • Enhanced Health & Diagnostics support for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x, 5.x
  • Added ~40 Health checks to enhance the support for Aria Product suite like vRealize Automation, vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations, Workspace ONE and vRSLCM in SDDC environment.
  • DNS, NTP, SSH, Certs & Ping checks add capability to monitor the health of product if deployed in SDDC stack.
  • Plugins:
  • ~250 New Plugins added taking overall count ~2230
  • vSphere Best Practices – 87 New Checks added for vSphere Product.
  • vSphere Diagnostics – 38 New Signatures
  • 31 Diagnostics (Trending issues for 8.0 U1)
  • 5 Security Advisory
  • 2 Private
  • vSAN – 2 New Signatures.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation - 99 New Signatures.
  • 36 Security Scan checks
  • 54 Diagnostics
  • 9 Health Check
  • VMware Cloud Gateway for vSphere+
  • 11 Diagnostics checks added.
  • VMware Horizon - 6 New signatures
  • 4 Private Diagnostics checks.
  • 2 Public Diagnostics checks.
  • Partners & Community forum request
  • Dell Partner request
  • Administrator/Operator Role bases Access (Dell’s request)
  • This release fixes the issues reported by Dell for Administrator and Operator Roles for extending the administrative privileges to other users.
  • Incorporated the feedbacks received from Dell on 4.0.0 release.
  • Invalidating user session when password/role is changed.
  • Support multi type reports download (HTML & JSON as same time).
  • VMTN Community Request
  • Use VMXNET3 adapter for default deployment of SHD appliance.
  • Add description and helper text for password in SHD OVA deployment.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Critical Security update for OpenJDK vulnerabilities.
  • SMTP Configuration was not handled correctly on upgraded instances.
  • Online update failures on 4.0 upgraded instances.
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