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SHD 4.0.0 Major release out


 Announcing Skyline Health Diagnostics (SHD) Major release of version 4.0.0 availability for all our customers and partners.  

SHD 4.0.0 Release Highlights:-

  • New Features:
  • Introduction of Profile feature to support intent-based analysis.
  • Simplification of user experience of creating analysis runs.
  • Users can create a profile with desired checks and reuse it later at any time with a single Click/API
  • Users with target credentials can create the profile and Operator can run them for diagnostics.
  • Using API users can integrate diagnostics into ticketing system.
  • Integrated Analysis and Scheduling Experience for users
  • Users can schedule any analysis runs as part of running the workflow.
  • Extend scheduling for checks beyond just health checks (VCG, VMSA,..).
  • Notification Feature extended for all Analysis Runs (Previously only scheduled runs had this feature)
  • Support to perform VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5.x and above Pre-Upgrade Assessment & Health checks.
  • Integration with the Assessment engine users can upgrade the assessment of VMware Cloud Foundation.
  • VCF Verify/Check tool has been formally integrated with the option to run from SHD UI
  • Diagnostics support for VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x, 5.x
  • Connect and collect logs feature is enabled for VMware Cloud Foundation
  • VMware Certified SHD remote plugin for vSphere Client
  • SHD remote plugin is supported from vSphere 8.0 U1 from vSphere Client.
  • Users can auto-register the remote plugin as part of appliance deployment.
  • Extended API support
  • Fully documented using OpenAPI 3.0 specifications.
  • All day 1 and day 2 operations except Profile Management are supported from API.
  • VMware Horizon features support for Direct Connect and Analyze
  • Support to perform connect and analysis for VMware Horizon 7 & 8 versions.
  • Support to perform Log bundle analysis for Horizon 7 & 8 versions.
  • VMware SD-WAN offline analysis support (In Tech-Preview)
  • Support to perform Log bundle analysis for VMware SD-WAN product.
  • Diagnostics support for vSphere 8.0 & 8.0U1
  • Thumbprint-based SSL Verification for all trusted targets.
  • Plugins:
  • ~220 New Plugins added taking an overall count of ~1970
  • vSphere – 74 New Signatures
  • 48 Diagnostics (Trending issues for 8.0 U1)
  • 5 Security Advisory
  • 21 Private
  • vSAN – 7 New Signatures.
  • VMware Cloud Foundation - 46 New Signatures.
  • 16 Security Scan checks
  • 21 Diagnostics
  • 9 NSX Check
  • SD-WAN– 102 New Signatures.
  • Partners & Community forum request
  • Support to force reset the shd-admin user password. (Community request)
  • Administrator/Operator Role bases Access (Dell’s request)
  • This release introduces Administrator and Operator Roles for extending administrative privileges to other users.
  • Previous releases had only one hardcoded Administrator user account (shd-admin).
  • Platform Development
  • Category Management Feature
  • Definition-based checks and categories.
  • This feature enabled dynamic UI generation with fewer or no changes required for the UI in case new categories/checks are introduced.
  • Introduction of Feature Switch
  • We can selectively include/exclude available features (dev time/build time decision).
  • This will help us to produce builds for different release targets/products or market segments.
  • External API Providers and Collectors have been restructured to be modular with less coding required.
  • Code cleanup as part of Public API support
  • HTPP Request Handling is streamlined with better error handling and integrated Cookie support.
  • Task/Workflow Management refined.
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