New Skyline Collector 3.2 & Advisor Pro Releases: Faster Email Delivery & Dashboard Enhancements

New Skyline Collector 3.2 & Advisor Pro Releases: Faster Email Delivery & Dashboard Enhancements

We’re pleased to announce new VMware Skyline Collector 3.2 and Advisor Pro releases with accelerated email notification delivery, dashboard enhancements, self-service reports for Success 360 and Premier Services, and new proactive Findings.
  • Critical Finding email notifications will be delivered within 24 hours instead of 48 hours
  • You can now click on Active Findings, Findings Type, Findings Category, Support Requests and Active Log Assists to jump to detailed views of each section directly from the main Dashboard.
  • Proactive Insights Reports are now available to all Success 360 users, instead of a subset of users.
  • Premier Services customers can now generate and access self-service Insights Reports, previously available exclusively to Success 360 customers. With this new feature, Operational Summary Reports (OSR) will still be available to Premier Services customers, but no new OSR will be generated.
    • The OSR will go End of Life (EOL) on October 17, 2022.
  • Read the blog for more details:

In version 3.1, is it still possible to access the admin and upgrade by going to https://<FQDN> or IP address:5480 ??
I am asking because I have tried on all of my collectors to manually upgrade to 3.2 but it is going to a "Site cannot be reached"

Seems like it was announced before the files were placed on the servers?  (and yes I did apply the KB patch for


# /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli update --check

Checking for available updates, this process can take a few minutes...
Available Updates -
No available updates found

# /opt/vmware/bin/vamicli version --appliance
Version - Build 19303936
Description - Skyline Appliance version

Hi @ooajala and @HostaHost, apologies for any inconvenience with the Skyline Collector 3.2 download.

Are you able to access it from here? 

I have the same issue where when I try do check for an update from the CLI it doesn't detect the update for 3.2

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