There is no findings for the account.


I can see the inventory and operational overviews. But there is no findings now. The collector is working well also. Can someone help with this issue?


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

@zsoltesz ,

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Kindly confirm if this is a new deployment. If so, findings data analysis typically occurs every 48 to 72 hours and we need to wait.

If it is an existing deployment where findings were available earlier,  validate if the data collection is showing green and the password for endpoint has not expired/changed.

In order to validate the above login to the Collector UI and perform the below steps:

Under System Status, confirm if the VC_HOSTS, VC_CHANGES, VC_EXTRA all are showing green ( vCenter )
Under Configuration click edit and r
eauthenticate password and click on update.

Post update of the password we need to allow the data collection to complete for the findings to be available. 


Srikanth HS
Skyline Support Moderator
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