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NSX-T Log upload fails with message: We were unable to transfer the support bundle

Hi team,

sometimes the log upload process of huge files of NSX-T fails with following error: "We were unable to transfer the support bundle. ". Did someone face the same issue? Which are the possible reasons for that? Bellow and screenshot of the error:

Screenshot 2020-11-03 at 21.36.26.png

Thanks in advance.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Welcome to Skyline Communities!!!

The possible reasons for log failures while uploading huge files can be any of the following reasons:

• A minimum of 3Mb/s external network bandwidth for the sending of large files (support bundles) could not have been met

• Proxy might not be configured to allow large files, in case of the proxy being used.

• If the log transfer request did not complete in the maximum allowed time of 6 hours

For more details refer to below KB:

Srikanth HS
Skyline Support Moderator