I want to Deregister the one off the Skyline Collector.


I want to De-register the one off the Skyline Collector. As off now we are not using Skyline product. Due to that i have done De-register all my collectors except one.

I have already decommissioned the appliance. Kindly do that from your end.


Vikram Naidu. N

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello Vikram,

You can remove a Skyline Collector that is no longer present within your environment from your account.

If you previously deployed a Skyline Collector and it was deleted from your environment without deregistering it first, you can remove the Skyline Collector from your account using the Skyline Collector service in Cloud Services.


Log in to VMware Cloud Services.

  1. Enter your VMware Cloud Services email address and password.
  2. Click Console to enter the Cloud Console.
  3. Click the Skyline Collector service.
  4. Click Step 5 - Manage existing Collectors.
  5. Locate the Skyline Collector that you want to deregister and click the vertical buttons and select Deregister.
Ajay Chanana
Skyline Support Moderator
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