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Horizon Connection Server: Log Assist Requirements


We have recently made updates to the Horizon Connection Server requirements for adding it to the Skyline Collector, for proper Skyline Log Assist functionality. If you are interested in using Skyline Log Assist to upload log bundles from Horizon Connection Servers, please ensure that you implemented the following requirements.

First, Horizon version 7.10 or above is required for Log Assist functionality. This version of Horizon (and above) supports the capability for remote log bundle collection. If you're using a Horizon version previous to 7.10, you can still add Horizon Connection Servers to a Skyline Collector, and receive proactive findings and recommendations for your Horizon environment.

Once you're ready to add your Horizon Connection Server to your Skyline Collector, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Skyline requires the following privileges for product usage data collection: Horizon 7 Administrator (read-only). And, for Log Assist capabilities in Horizon v.7.10, in addition to Horizon 7 Administrator (read-only), Collect Operation Logs is required. I recommend the following for creating a new role for the purposes of adding the Horizon Connection Server to Skyline.

  1. Open the Horizon 7 Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to View Configuration > Administrators.
  3. Click the Roles tab.
  4. Click on Add Role.
  5. Enter the name "LogCollector" and description for the new role. The Skyline Collector explicitly looks for the role name "LogCollector" when a log transfer request is initiated from Skyline to a Horizon Connection Server.
  6. Select the Collect Operations Log from the privilege list.
  7. Save the role.
  8. Click on the Administrators and Groups tab, then click Add User or Group.
  9. For the new user, click on Add Permission. Select the Administrators (read-only).
  10. Click Save.

It's important to note that the Role name MUST be named "LogCollector". Today, Skyline is looking specifically for this role. If you name the role something other than "LogCollector", Skyline Advisor will display Insufficient Privileges. Within the Horizon Administration Console, you should see something similar to this:

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 3.27.36 PM.png

Within Skyline, we'll check to ensure that the proper privileges have been applied. If applied properly, we let you know with a green check-mark. If you have not applied the proper privileges for Log Assist, we'll show a Red X, indicating Insufficient Privileges to collect a log bundle.

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 3.30.42 PM.png

You can view additional details regarding the permissions, and privileges required for Log Assist, within VMware KB article 59661.

If you have any questions, or experience any issues with adding Horizon, or any products to Skyline, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Nick Fritsch Technical Marketing Manager, VMware Inc.
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