Export findings doesn't export affected objects

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When I export all findings and recommendation it exports it but doesn't export the affected objects then I  need to go into each findings separately to export. There is over a 100 findings which will take forever to export each finding separately. Is there a quicker way to export all findings with affected objects?


Cobus van Zyl 

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

@Cobusz ,

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The Operational Summary Reports (OSR) will have all individual findings in CSV Format.

Presently the option to view the OSR Library page and download Operational Summary Reports is available to Premier Support customers only.

If we export the findings using the export option the CSV file will contain the following information for the Affected Objects: Source Name, Object Name, Object Type, Solution Tags, Summary, First Observed fields only.


Srikanth HS
Skyline Support Moderator
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