Difference between Skyline Advisor and real environment


does the skyline advisor clear automativ findings, when they are resolved ?

For example:

Host goes to non-responsive state - IPMI SEL unavailable - fixed in 6.5 U3 13932383

The mentioned hosts are 6.5 P04 15256549

The inventory shows

esxiserver  6.5.0 15256549

Collector shows:


Any ideas ?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hello Dormelchen2

Welcome to VMware Skyline Community!

Skyline recommendations are generated every 48 to 72 hours, If the host was updated in the past 48 hours it should be cleared in the next reporting cycle.

If the hosts have been upgraded earlier than 72 hours, we will need to investigate further. Please share your account details using the following link:

Smartsheet Forms

Sincerely, Aditya Gottumukkala Skyline Skyline Moderator VMware Inc
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