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Announcing the General Availability of VMware Skyline 2.0

Greetings Team,

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of VMware Skyline 2.0 and its access via the VMware Cloud Services Platform (CSP).

With the move to the cloud, Skyline will enable our customers to segment Skyline findings and reports based on Organizations. They can create these Organizations based on how they operate - regions, lines of businesses, departments etc. Customers can also manage user permissions much more effectively.

With this advancement we are providing our customers the flexibility they need to use Skyline most effectively and in-line with their business operating models.

In addition, we are super excited to announce Skyline Log AssistTM – This allows Skyline to automatically upload support log bundles (with customer’s approval) to VMware Technical Support team so they can begin troubleshooting the issue right away. No more time-consuming process of asking our customers to manually download and upload the log files via SFTP or My VMware. This will significantly reduce the biggest pain point that our customers have had for a very long time, in addition will help reduce issue resolution time significantly.

With Skyline 2.0, we are also introducing an Inventory View that will enable our customers and TSEs to navigate through the various VMware objects that Skyline Collector is collecting data from, very similar to what they are used to in VMware vSphere. This will allow our TSEs to have better visibility in the customer’s environment.

Skyline 2.0 will also have In-product Support capabilities such as Intelligent Search and direct navigation to Communities if they need help. In the near future, we will enable in-product chat capability as well.

Skyline Collector 2.0 will have the following features:

  1. Improved Collector resiliency by making it stateless: Making the Collector stateless simplifies the Collector architecture to streamline data collection.
  2. Added Edit capabilities for each vCenter Server and NSX Manager. This includes the ability to edit the username and password used to add the vCenter Server and NSX Manager to Skyline Collector.

Skyline 2.0 is available globally to our Production Support and Premier Services customers. Here is a great blog post that captures more details about this release. 

Skyline adoption is growing at record speed. We now are well over 1100 customers globally. This would not have been possible without your continued support. We are laser focused at radically transforming our customer’s support experience while making sure to empower our support organization with the tools they need to deliver a world-class customer experience.

We thank everyone associated with Skyline for their continued support and participation in making this a success!

To access Skyline 2.0 please visit: https://skyline.vmware.com/get-started/

Best Regards,

Skyline Team

James Walker VMware Support Moderator
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I tried yesterday after I got the email, and then again this morning.  I am constantly being asked to re-enter my password with the interface.

I am getting DNS errors looking up links, etc.

$ host api-oauth-server-basic-auth-centralized.apps.itcna.vmware.com

Host api-oauth-server-basic-auth-centralized.apps.itcna.vmware.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

To get the above I go to "https://skyline.vmware.com/advisor/ " and then enter user/password, and then get redirected to there.


I can't imagine that this is browser related, but I am using FF on Ubuntu 16.04.

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Is this going to be able to be updated from the appliance, I tried and I get the message below.

Last Check:

Friday, 2018 November 09 11:29:03 UTC-5

Last Install:

Failed to install updates(Update manifest not downloaded. Please try to download again. ) on Thursday, 2018 November 08 22:00:05 UTC-5

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