Unable to Edit Protection Group - Actions Menu greyed Out

Last week I built a new system that needs to be added to an SRM PG.

It is placed into the correct vCenter Folder and Datastore

When I right-click or click the actions menu I see the Edit, Delete, Restore Placeholder and configure All for a second and then they becomes grayed out


I ran a Test SRM to ensure that SRM is functioning properly and it seems to be protecting.  Replication also is healthy on the array.

There are no hung recoveries or re-protects in progress.. the status is ready

The status of all our Protection Groups is 'OK' except the one we're trying to modify as its complaining about a VM that needs configuration... which is what I'm trying to do!

The other PG's we have are in OK status and they can't be edited either.

Things I've tried:

1. Restarted the Inventory Service many times on both vcenter servers (linked mode between protected and recovery site) - verified pointing, registered and connection status.

2. Removed the PG from a recovery plan - no dice

3. I noticed that the only PG that I CAN edit is the one that uses vSphere based replication, the others all use ABR and I cannot edit any of them....

4. I'm logged in with a domain account that has full admin privileges in our vSphere environment.  But I've tried everything above using admin@vsphere.local as well


vSphere 5.5 (soon to be upgraded to 6.5)

Windows 2008 R2 vCenter Servers

SRM is version 5.8

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


I hate to ask the obvious, but it is the first thing to rule out. Have you run the cleanup operation on the Recovery Plan following your test failovers?

Assuming you have done so, you stated that all the PGs that have this issue are using ABR. Is the SRA properly connected and communicating with the array? Rescan the SRAs just to be sure.

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