Thoughts on recover plan sizes

This is probably one of those questions without a single answer. Just wondering how people are breaking out their recovery plans and protection groups. We have about 150 VMs on about 50 400GB datastores.  This is a newly completed installation with EMC recoverpoint. The sorage team just got all the consistency groups created and we are ready to go to the next step with SRM.

I am thinking about making at least one seperate recovery plan for the production SQL server VM. It is about 8 TB with about 30 databases. The question I have is; Put all the rest of the VMs in one big recovery plan?

If there is anyone out there who has lived through a real DR, or a realistic test I would especially like to hear what they think but all comments are welcome. Can a recovery plan be too big? Seems like a lot of eggs in one basket.  I know in some caess there would be considerations from an applications standpoint.  I am engaing the application engineers to get their input but just curious what others experiences are....

Thanks in advance for any comments.

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i would group one set of application in a recovery plan, that would allow the right sequence of boot up to ensure that the DB and etc are up before the app and the web ..


If you have a requirement to restore individual applications I would create separate recovery plans, otherwise there is no point.  I presume your applications depend on SQL?  In that case just mark your SQL servers as high priority recovery and ensure all your dependencies are worked out in your recovery plan.

I have four plans. Cluster 1 Production, Cluster 2 Production, Cluster 1 Dev and Cluster 2 Dev.