Switch to recovery site and discards changes


We're planning to test our recovery site and we'd like to know if the scenario below is possible with SRM :

- Keep all VMs up and running on primary site

- Shutdown network between primary and recovery site

- Start all Vms on recovery site with SRM

- Make our tests

- Shutdown the VMs on recovery site

- Discard all the changes made on the VMs hosted in the recovery site

- Reestablish network between primary and recovery site

- Reenable sync between SRM on primary and recovery site

Please note that all datastores are hosted on SAN

Thank you for your help.


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

This is what the SRM recovery plan test functionality does (with the addition that the SRM test doesn't impact replication or RPO). The thing to confirm is that your array vendor/SRA provider supports running recovery plan tests with the connection between SRM servers disconnected.

See these posts for additional detail: Recovery Testing and SRM pt 2 - Alternatives - Virtual Blocks

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