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I have SRM configuration deployed in environment. All version 8.2 and vCenter with version 6.7. Protected site and recovery site vCenters are in linked mode.

Setup is like below:

Protected Site: Site1 with SRM appliance SRM1 and VR appliance VR1

Recovery Site: Site2 with SRM appliance SRM2 and VR appliance VR2

Issue is when I go to Site Recovery option on vCenter, I see two options for Open Site Recovery one for protected and other for recovery, and when I clink them I can only open protected site SRM UI and recovery site SRM UI fails.

Protected site SRM UI link is as SRM1.fqdn/dr

But as I checked, recovery site SRM UI is changed to VRM2.fqdn/dr, so when I clink on open site recovery from vcenter is fails to load as it re-directs me to SRM2.fqdn/dr

As of now, all is working fine now, both sites connectes, pairing is ok, VR is working and also recovery is working. But the management UI link is changed to VR appliance instead of SRM appliance.

Any suggestions here?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


Let me ask you some questions first.

1. Do you have federated setup with external PSCs or with embedded nodes? But since you are using 6.7 you must have embedded nodes. Also are you sure you have provided the correct lookup service for all SRMs and VRs when installed? Meaning if you have Embedded node1-Embedded node2 you should install SRM1 and VR1 using Node1 address for PSC and VC and SRM2 and VR2 using Node2 address.

2. Can you please elaborate more on recovery site(Node2) DR link. You say that it is changed to point to VR2.fqdn/dr, how? Also you say that the recovery site link opens up SRM2.fqdn/dr and then you say recovery site SRM UI fails? If the link opens up SRM2.fqdn/dr should that be the correct behaviour?

If you mess up the PSC addresses when installing SRM and VR everything will be working correctly but you will have a single point of failure when the PSC you have provided goes down on disaster event. In that case both sites will not be available.



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