Site Recovery Manager - SRA ping issue and SRA showing not installed due to logs full

Hi Team,

This may help others as I spent hours addressing the issue.

1) We were still seeing the SRA from one side as not installed. While we checked the logs, we found that the partition for SRA logs which is created with the SRA installation is 100% full. Site manager also showing Ping failed.

/dev/loop0 380M 360M 0 100% /opt/vmware/support/logs/srm/SRAs

2) We tried following the KB in order to clear the SRA logs, however, as this script was only designed for the previous versions of SRM, hence it did not go through.

Storage Replication Adapter(SRA) logs don't currently have restriction for the size of the logs they produce. Having logs that are not managed will cause the support partition of the disk to fill up. This will result in the unplanned failure of the SRM server services due to the lack of any space available on disk for the log files.
Some SRAs lack appropriate safe guards on their log rotation method. This requires a manual clean up of the logs. There is no defined log naming convention or a limit on the number of logs each SRA may generate. In order to achieve clean up for the general case, assume the worst-case scenario, that each SRA logs to one log file and does not rotate it at all.

3) Hence, we cleared the logs manually and upon rescan the SRA was accessible again. - rm *.log

With SRM 8.5, the issue with the log rotation is addressed. However, when we upgrade it does not automatically resolve the issue, instead it prevents the issue to occur again.


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