Server destination Panic (dies) when SRA returns arrayPair with stretchedDevice & arrayPair without

This one is really awkward as the only way to recover from this is to unregister the SRMs and re-register them - resulting in lost ProtectionGroups, RecoveryPlans and ArrayPairManagers

So I am really hoping someone might know what has caused this to happen, or have encountered this themselves.

# Steps to recreate

**Given** replicated devices between 2 different array pairs (managed by the same SRA)
**And** one of the replications is a stretched device
**When** When SRM and it's arraypair manager is told to discoverDevices between the array pair that has the stretched device
**Then** SRM DIES A HORRIBLE DEATH (destination end will no longer start up, vmware-dr.logs state “Panic”)

# Extra information

In trying to discover the root cause of this fault, I discovered

## SRM does not die when:
* there is only one array pair with stretched and non-stretched devices
* there are two array pairs and both do not contain stretched devices

## SRM does die when:
* there is a stretched device discovered *AND* there are two array pairs
** and specifically, when that same stretched device is discovered and there is only one array pair, SRM does not die.

I can provide logs if desired

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