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SRM with stretched storage problems: vMotion - cannot complete file creation operation

So we have had partial success with testing out a stretched storage SRM pair, but never full success. We are at a loss for ideas now, so I'm hoping someone here in the community might recognise one or many of these problems we've seen and may know how to resolve them.

I've split our problems into 3 posts so not to end up with crossed wires! I'll link to the others at the bottom.


vMotion Failover fails to perform the live migration, failing with the error
> "Cannot complete file creation operation"

resulting in a warning of
> "Live migration operation on protection group is partially complete"

cannot complete file creation operationcannot complete file creation operation


I'll state our environment and what steps we've taken to create the setup too as additional information that might help:

  • We were guided by this document which states
    > "Stretched storage is supported only on vCenter Single Sign-On Enhanced Linked Mode environments"
    • And so converted our pair into such an environment, and tested by manually live migrating VMs between vCenters via vSphere GUI - which works fine.
  • vCenter + SRM


Other Issues we've had:

SRM with stretched storage problems: recovery hang... - VMware Technology Network VMTN
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So we did eventually resolve the problem... By tearing down our environment and setting it up again. It never occured again.

So we are not entirely sure what the cause was. But all we can think of was before we tried to "enhance" our environment to be capable of Stretched Storage SRM protection.

This time we ensured Enhanced Link Mode, and other requirements for Stretched Storage SRM were part of the paired VSphere environments. Rather than added later.

I dunno If that helps anyone else.