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SRM replication and SQL replication


I would like to know how SRM works with live data for replicating SQL Server DB.

We have 2 large databases on two different servers. So, let us say we have a Disaster declared and we are trying to get the data from the recovery site. Will I be able to see the exact data or will there be a delay in the data replication? How does SQL DB replication work? Also, we noticed that as a DR Exercise, that we had the database that was not the same that was at the recovery site. Or something happened, that the SRM team did a refresh, and from that point the database did not sync and we were told by the DBA that, the he had to taken out all the data prior to the refresh was done. Because our previous cut of point was the previous night 8pm data.

So, just in general how does SQL replication work irrelevant if the data size is huge and will it have issues to sync?

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If you are asking how MS SQL data replication works I think this is probably the wrong forum for a good answer. A microsoft/MS SQL forum would likely be much better.

From the SRM standpoint, SRM doesn't replicate data, it utilizes either vSphere Replication or Array based replication when it orchestrates testing and recovery.

The question it seems like you are asking is what is the RPO (recovery point objective - measured in time - how much data you could potentially lose if a disaster struck) of your current replication solution. This would have to be answered by your vSphere team (if using vSphere Replication) or your storage team (if using array-based replication) and will likely range from 0 (synchronous replication) to 24 hours (anything greater than 0 is asynchronous).

Hope this helps