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SRM installation and license

Hi Team,

I am installing SRM for the first time and have few clarifications

  1. In an environment with federated vCenter Single Sign-On domains, do not install Site Recovery Manager under more than one Platform Services Controller at the same time. What exactly does federated vCenter Single Sign-On domains means?
  2. If I use the “vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller” at both sites. Can I use the  hostname of the vCenter server to Enter the address of the Platform Services Controller during the installation of  Site Recovery Manager Server
  3. If I use the “vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller”  Is vCenter Server instance name same as its host name ?
  4. Can I install the Site Recovery Manager enterprise in evaluation mode and configure SRM remote site? or License key is mandatory for  configuration? In SRM Document its mentioned “Site Recovery Manager Server requires a license key to operate. Install a Site Recovery Manager license key as soon as possible after you install Site Recovery Manager

Appreciate your answers



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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

1. Multiple PSCs joined to the same SSO domain

2. Yes, though that topology isn't recommend/supported anymore for vSphere or SRM see: List of recommended topologies for VMware vSphere 6.0 (2108548) | VMware KB & VMware Documentation Library

3. See above

4. I think the standard evaluation key is for Enterprise though I'm not sure


Hi gs_khalsa,

The article is informative and had few clarifications


  1. We are running single instance of vCenter 6.0 with PotsgreSQL and would like to know, How easy is it to migrate to vCSA 6.0 ? We are planning
    to install SRM and there is a limitation of 20 hosts and 200 VM on PotsgreSQL. So though of looking at vCSA 6.0
  2. Does vCSA support HA?
  3. If suppose I go with vCenter 6.0 windows server( VM) with embedded PSC  for primary site what is the best design, like to have two vCenter instance OR SQL 2014 Cluster with
    single vCenter instance which will be part of HA/DRS cluster. Read your article and like to mention we have dedicated DBA to handle SQL backups.


Thanks in advance


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