SRM and local CA (Microsoft) certifcates install


So I have an environment with vCenter server 4 and ESX 4 u1 installed with the company local CA certificates (Microsoft)..

Now I need to install the local CA cert in SRM 4 for everything to play nice - SRM won't work without it in this environment.

Does anyone have a process for doing this?

I've searched the communities and gooogle Smiley Happy and found bits and peices, but nothing clear enough for someone without alot of cert or openssl experience to do this... VMware support has also been no help only refering me to KB which referances Microsoft CA and OpenSSL, but say they don't support either in the case of SRM????

Any help would be greatly appreciated..

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The following document provides some good info on the subject (it talkes

about SRM 1 but it is correct for SRM 4 too):


Requirements When Using Trusted Certificates with SRM

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