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SRM and VM with multiple LUN/vmdk connections

Hi Vware Guru's,

I'm at a customer who has a database server with several different databases on it

1 System vmdk in a lun of 25GB on a raid 10 array

3 database vmdk in 3 luns of 130GB each on a raid 5 array

2 database vmdk in 2 luns of 75GB each on a raid 10 array

5 log vmdk in 5 luns of 50GB each on a raid 1 array

so you see all vmdk are in a seperate lun (for performance reasons different raid configs per db).

How do i set up a configuration like this for SRM ?

Thx in advance



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SRM should be able to handle your VM with all those VMDK attached to it just how they are.

You should be able to use any layout of vmdk or RDM across many LUNs with SRM. SRM will just automatically group together all those LUNs in one "Datastore Group" because you have to fail them all over at once.

The only drawback to many LUNs and VMDK being attached to the same VM is that your Datastore Groups will be larger. All that does is limit the granularity of fail over.

For example, if any other VM is sharing any of the LUNs your DB server is, that VM will have to be included in the same "Protection Group" and tested, or failed over by SRM at the same time.

IF that is and issue you can work around that by changing what VMs access which volumes or Storage VMotioning VMDKs around to make VMs no longer dependant on the same LUNs.

I hope that helps.

Adam Carter

Technical Product Manager

LeftHand Networks

Adam Carter Product Manager LeftHand Networks, an HP company

This should work and is support - as long as all the LUNs that make up the virtual machine are being replicated to the Recovery Site.

Beware that if they are not replicated within the same consistency/recovery/storage group (whatever term your SAN vendor use) they could become out of synch with one another...

As you created "protection groups" in SRM, it would examine the relevant VMX files - and realise that you have VDMK's located on different VMFS datastores. As Adam said the this would be situation were multiple datastores would form a "datastore group" as they were added to the "protection group" in SRM.

i tried to add image here to show you what looked like - but the forum system keeps on giving me an upload error message Smiley Sad



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