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SRM Protected VM - Protection status reporting


Need some help SRM Protected VM.

I came across multiple articles in the forum - I couldn't find the exact match or closest one to resolve my reporting issue. So, I have developed the script but the output is different from what I'm looking for, it would be great help if I find the solution.

Expected: I'm looking to get the protection status of the SRM protected VM which is within the protection group (Attached and Highlighted screengrab)

As seen in the web-client: Under Protection Status we would see these status(s) like - "OK", "Not configured", "Replication warning". So I'm looking to get Protection Status as an output in my report.

Could you please help me on how to proceed further with this, what parameter or cmdlet that needs to be in-place within the script.

Looking forward for to your help, Thank you.

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