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SRM / NetApp replication


We are just starting to implement SRM across two sites around 30 miles apart. At both sites we have ESXi 5 accessing datestores sitting on NetApp volumes.

It appears to me that replication using the NetApp SRA will only replicate whole volumes, whereas vSphere replication can be restricted to a single VM - is this correct ?

This seems to require that you limit the VM's you want to replicate to those datastores which are on the snapmirrored volumes - again, is this correct ?

Perhaps we have not set things up ideally, be we have one datastore per NetApp volume. Obviously that one datastore may contain multiple VM's, but if I only need to protect one via SRM I would need the whole datastore replicated if I use the NetApp SRA.

Am I missing something here ?


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You are correct in your assumption,  SAN based replication is at the volume level,  what you would do is only replicate those datastores that contain the VM's you need protecting and then make sure that only the replicated Datastores contain protected VM's.

Also remember to disable SDRS too.

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