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Im using the SRM Laptop demo guide to set up a demo environment to test SRM and make sure it does exactly what it says on the tin before we install it to our Production environment. In order to get the demo to work, the VM I created within the virtual ESX had its vmx file amended. I had to add the line vmx.allowNested=Yes or otherwise I was getting an error saying that I could not lauch a VM within a VM. Once I added this line the VM booted perfectly.

I ran my SRM demo and it works perfectly. The VM is transferred over to the recovery site with no issues.

Next I wanted to look at IP customization. I tried the Customization Manager and the dr-ip-customizer solution. If I use the Customization Manger, and apply that to the VM, then run the failover test - it fails. If I remove the Customization, it works fine. I then decided I should try the dr-ip tool. I ran the tool and the CSV output was empty. After some investigation, this pointed to VMTools not being installed on the nested VM. So I looked at the VMTools install and for love nor money can I get VMTools to install. It says via the install it has installed but it is always saying it needs upgrading and if I try to use any VMTools related features - eg - Shut down Guest - It gives me an error saying VMTools is not installed. The VMTools service is running on the nested VM.

I have found another article on the VM site saying that I cant install VM tools on a nested VM.

Is it possible to install VMTools on a nested VM ? If not then how can this SRM demo show the IP customization ?

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Hello vGirl,

In the production, how you are connecting to your DR Site? is it ISP transering the lines and manually changing the server's ip address? if yes, just use vLans to broadcast the production ip address, then your branches and HQ can get the required services.

Have a look @ this

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Virtugirl, did you find an answer to your nested VM's VMware Tools problem?  I am trying to do that same thing in my lab.  Use nested ESXi hosts to run nested VM's for SRM failover testing.  I do not have the ability to customize, shutdown or reboot the VM w/ all the same symptoms you describe.



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