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SRM 8.4 appliance calling external scripts

Hi, we are moving from Windows based SRM servers to PhotonOS appliances like everyone else.

I have searched and logged calls with VMware to find out how we run a remote script from the appliance. I found the below extract on a VMware blog. We need to run an NSUPDATE but it's not available on the appliance or any other Photon distro we searched. If we can use a Linux "helper" machine with the correct binaries it should work. We just need to know how to call the remote scripts.

Any help would be appreciated.

Getting the most out of the new SRM 8.2 Appliance – Upgrading, Migration and more (vmware.com)

It is possible to run scripts on the appliance itself, or, to call scripts located on a scripting server which would give you access to resources that aren’t available on the appliance.




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