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I have an old vSphere 5.5 environment with SRM 5.8 and need to access the SRM information. As I no longer have access to Flash is there a was to access the SRM 5.8 web UI without 1st logging into the vCenter server web client, e.g. can I use a url such as https://srm-server/dr assuming the the SRM web UI does not also require Flash.

I started looking at using PowerCLI but it is difficult. I can get a list of Protection Groups with

$SRM = Connect-SRMServer

$SRMAPI = $SRM.ExtensionData


But I do not see the names of the Protection Groups, just the MoRef of each ProtectionGroup

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hi @cjscol ,

SRM has to be launched in this version. Dedicated html UI for SRM was introduced in 8.1. If you have access to the database, you can certain information.

For ex:  'pdr_protectiongroup' will give you list of all protection group

Hope that helps

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