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SRM 5.8 service stops after start


after installation of SRM I cant see the SRM icon in Web client. Then I investigated this issue and the problem is, that SRM service stops in few seconds after start.

In SRM log I see this error:

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [04928 info 'Vdb' ctxID=5ed8ea32] GetConnection: All existing connections in use; allocating new connection.

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [00984 verbose 'DrTask'] Task 'dr.storage.StorageManager.reloadAdapters0' completed (no result)

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [00984 info 'DrTask'] Work for task 'dr.storage.StorageManager.reloadAdapters0' completed - new state 'success'

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [00984 verbose 'PropertyProvider'] RecordOp ASSIGN: info.state, dr.storage.StorageManager.reloadAdapters0

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [00984 verbose 'PropertyProvider'] RecordOp ASSIGN: info.completeTime, dr.storage.StorageManager.reloadAdapters0

2015-03-13T09:57:55.221+01:00 [00984 info 'TopologyConfig'] Using drTaskCleanupTime '60'

2015-03-13T09:57:59.112+01:00 [04928 panic 'Default' ctxID=5ed8ea32]


--> Panic: Win32 exception: Stack overflow (0xc00000fd)

-->    rip: 00007ffd5dbcf737 rsp: 000000000c863b50 rbp: 0000000007c168f0

-->    rax: 0000000000020048 rbx: 00000000076dad30 rcx: 00000000076dad30

-->    rdx: 0000000000000ad0 rdi: 00000000076dad30 rsi: 000000000c883dc0

-->    r8:  0000000000003a98 r9:  00000000002a3a00 r10: 000000000c843000

-->    r11: 000000000c853000 r12: 0000000000000001 r13: 0000000000000000

-->    r14: 0000000000000185 r15: 0000000000003a98


--> Backtrace:

--> backtrace[00] rip 00007ffd6a58b23a

--> backtrace[01] rip 00007ffd6a45012f

--> backtrace[02] rip 00007ffd6a45135e

--> backtrace[03] rip 00007ffd6a5a21bc

--> backtrace[04] rip 00007ffd6a5a23c0

--> backtrace[05] rip 00007ffd6a59aef6

--> backtrace[06] rip 0000000069965129

--> backtrace[07] rip 00000000699642d6

--> backtrace[08] rip 00000000699649de

--> backtrace[09] rip 0000000069964c1d

--> backtrace[10] rip 000000006996502b

--> backtrace[11] rip 00007ffd80a23b1d

--> backtrace[12] rip 00007ffd809e8407

--> backtrace[13] rip 00007ffd80a22caa

--> backtrace[14] rip 00007ffd5dbcf737

--> backtrace[15] rip 00007ffd5da09ca1

--> backtrace[16] rip 00007ffd5da0094b

--> backtrace[17] rip 00007ffd5da003b6

--> backtrace[18] rip 00007ffd5da05312

--> backtrace[19] rip 00007ffd5d9de8ab

--> backtrace[20] rip 00007ffd5da01fc4

--> backtrace[21] rip 00007ffd5d9de47a

--> backtrace[22] rip 00007ffd5d9de367

--> backtrace[23] rip 00007ffd5d9b604b

--> backtrace[24] rip 00007ffd5d9b277e

--> backtrace[25] rip 00007ffd6aebf52e

--> backtrace[26] rip 00007ffd6aebb42c

--> backtrace[27] rip 00007ffd6aeb51e0

--> backtrace[28] rip 00007ffd6aecb9fd

--> backtrace[29] rip 00007ffd5dfa0824

--> backtrace[30] rip 00007ffd6b06a78e

--> backtrace[31] rip 00007ffd5e1d52c6

--> backtrace[32] rip 00007ffd5dfab167

--> backtrace[33] rip 00007ffd5df713d7

--> backtrace[34] rip 00007ffd5fcb567d

--> backtrace[35] rip 00007ffd5fccfbe0

--> backtrace[36] rip 00007ffd5fbe4ce9

--> backtrace[37] rip 00007ffd6b5c36ff

--> backtrace[38] rip 00007ffd6b6cf24b

--> backtrace[39] rip 00007ffd6b6ceb6e

--> backtrace[40] rip 00007ffd6b6c3f83

--> backtrace[41] rip 00007ffd6f86a510

--> backtrace[42] rip 00007ffd6f86a08f

--> backtrace[43] rip 0000000004bb7925

--> backtrace[44] rip 0000000004bb92e0

--> backtrace[45] rip 0000000004bbec36

--> backtrace[46] rip 0000000004bc046f

--> backtrace[47] rip 0000000004bc08b7

--> backtrace[48] rip 00000000003382b5

--> backtrace[49] rip 000000000033acc9

--> backtrace[50] rip 000000000033a8f9

--> backtrace[51] rip 00000000045064fa

--> backtrace[52] rip 00007ffd6a52b942

--> backtrace[53] rip 00007ffd6a531a51

--> backtrace[54] rip 00007ffd6a532797

--> backtrace[55] rip 00007ffd6a533888

--> backtrace[56] rip 00007ffd6a52afda

--> backtrace[57] rip 00007ffd6a52e049

--> backtrace[58] rip 00007ffd6a52d233

--> backtrace[59] rip 00007ffd6a52e8d3

--> backtrace[60] rip 00007ffd6a52eb53

--> backtrace[61] rip 00007ffd6a59d42a


My environment:

vCenter 5.5U2 on Windows Server 2012R2

SRM on separate Windows Server 2012R2

Oracle Database, using the vCenter DB instance, but separate user (schema)

Oracle client 64bit

Any idea?

Thank you


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Hello Martin,

Oracle Database/Client at version isn't listed as supported solution for vCenter server (5.5U2)  and SRM (5.8) databases.

Only one listed as supported for vCenter 5.5U2 and SRM 5.8 is Oracle 12c R1 at version

All later patchsets/releases aren't listed as supported ...

So you have two options ask VMware support for confirmation and also some hint for this KB article:

VMware KB: vCenter Server installed on Windows with Oracle database crashes

Second just try use SRM with Oracle release.

See Interoperability Matrixes for reference:


Image 26.png

Image 29.png

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