SRM 5.8.1 New Parallel DR Pod standup

Hi All,

I need some advice on my proposed approach for a new DR POD that we're standing up.

I currently have 2 sites Prod and DR that are using SRM 5.8.1 that was an upgraded and legacy environment..4-5.1-5.5-5.8. Satellite offices in the Prod VC fail into DR using Mirrorview.

I'm setting up a new DR POD (NW,SAN,Servers) to be shipped to a hosted DC and have created a new VMWare infrastructure to support it with replication based off recoverpoint

The approach I've outlined below is based off some notes mostly on the 6.x but I haven't seen any specific procedures documented for 5.8.1. Does this seem like a feasible approach? Any comments on what to be prepared for or lessons learned?

  1. Cold Snap all existing involved servers and DBs including existing VCenters
  2. Remove the existing Protection\Groups, gut the configuration to a setup default:
    1. Delete Recovery Plans
    2. Remove protection from VMs
    3. Delete Protection Groups
    4. Delete all inventory mappings
    5. Remove the placeholder datastores
    6. Remove the array managers
  3. Break the pairing
  4. Uninstall the SRAs at the OLD Recovery Site
  5. Perform and uninstall of the SRM  from the existing OLD recovery site box and remove the plugin from the VCenter
  6. Install the new SRM Node in the Hosted DR as the default Site with EMC RecoverPoint SRA v 2.2
  7. If the install fails to mate with the Prod VCenter, we need to be prepared to completely gut both SRM sites from the environment and reinstall from scratch

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