SRM 1.0.1 Slow while pairing site

We have SRM 1.01 setup, When i select the site recovery option, It is taking 5 min to prompt the remote site credentials. Can any one help me in this issue? Below are the infrastructure details.

Proctected Virtual Center : Virtual Center 2.5 U5

ESX server Cluser :2 (1 is DMZ (3 host) & other one is Protection (12 Host)) Same setup in both site.

Protection group : 3

Recovery Plan : 6


SRA : SRDF with EMC solution Enabler

Note : If restart the SRM service in protected site it is taking longtime to reach the started phase. It is showing as "starting" after some time it is reaching "started" phase. Can any one tell as y this is happening.

After logged in, the connection to the local site recover manager is lost. I am getting this disconnection problem frequently.When i dig into the error it is telling as "AsyncWrite failed: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine". Can anyone help in this issue please?

Below are the SRM log files

Ignoring exception

VC Connection: Logged out session 5729C

Failed to ping remote site

Received notification of broken VC connection

Attempting to reconnect

Attempting to connect to remote site

VC Connection: Logging in as user 'cbqnt2000\vcadmin'

VC Connection: Logged in session 02D7C

Failed to connect to remote DR: std::exception 'class Vmacore::Http::HttpException' "HTTP error response: Service Unavailable"


backtrace[00] eip 0x0056b9c6 ?GenerateCoreDump@System@Vmacore@@YAXXZ

backtrace[01] eip 0x004b6c4a ?CreateBacktrace@SystemFactoryImpl@System@Vmacore@@UAEXAAV?$Ref@VBacktrace@System@Vmacore@@@3@@Z

backtrace[02] eip 0x01727034 ?SetDrThumbprint@RemoteSiteImpl@Dr@@UAEXABV?$basic_string@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@@Z

backtrace[03] eip 0x0057343a ?IsEnlisted@System@Vmacore@@YA_NXZ

backtrace[04] eip 0x00573dec ?IsEnlisted@System@Vmacore@@YA_NXZ

backtrace[05] eip 0x0056f6ae ?GetThreadId@System@Vmacore@@YA_JXZ

backtrace[06] eip 0x7c349565 _endthreadex

backtrace[07] eip 0x77e6482f GetModuleHandleA

VC Connection: Logging out session 02D7C

VC Connection: Logged out session 02D7C

SSLStreamImpl::BIOWrite ( 51473C8) AsyncWrite failed: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.

Failed to send response to the client: SSL Exception: error:00000005:lib(0):func(0):DH lib

Free disk space: 19777 Mb

CPU usage: 1 %

Available memory: 3021 Mb

FlexLM: Server Available.

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We are still experiencing the same connectivity/slow responsable as soon as we created Protection Group.

Is anyone experienced the same problem ????

We are running :

Virtual Center UPD 5

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