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Recover protected site virtual vCenter server


2 sites with 2 virtual vCenter server SRM integrated local SQL databases. In Recovery plan the protected site vCenter/SRM server fails over but doesn't start.

Question after restoring the ESX hosts on the protected site what is the easiest way to recover the vCenter server to setup the Failback procedure?

regards, Peter van den Bosch

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What do you mean by VC/SRM server doesnt start up afterfailover??...You mean the VM's doesnt power on automatically after Failover??

As of now with the current versions of SRM in market, once you have completed the Failiover process you need to manually configure the Protected VC/server for the FailBack operation.

Just rescan the protected ESX and remove the disconnected VM's from inventory. Configure the Array managers, resource mappings, Protection groups from the Acting primary site (Recovery site) , manually create Recovery plan from Acting Recovery site (Protected site). There you go for FailBack.

VMware is working for Automaed FailBack feature which would be released may be after a couple of quaters( Not confirmed). Lets see how it is going to wonders.


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