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Question on configuring LEFTHAND with SRM -will award points for all help

I'm about to start building out my P4500 that will eventually be housed at our DR site.  Here is the situation I'm in.... I need to build out the ESXi hosts and the LH SAN at our primary location and setup a remote copy of the volumes to the second DR SAN, but I need to do this again at the primary site because my DR is not ready.  My environment is setup like this: I  have three ESXi hosts and two dedicated switches for ISCSI traffic for my P4500 @ HQ.  These two switches are not connected to the core and are totally isolated to carry SAN traffic.  I now need to build out my DR site which will also have a P4500 and two ESXi hosts. The catch is that I need to build out the DR site at HQ because my MPLS pipe is not setup to the DR site yet.  My question is when I build out the DR P4500, I will need to add it to the CMC Management console so I can configure the remote copy of the two LUNS, but when I move the DR SAN to THE DR site I won't be able to see both SANS under the CMC console any longer because these two SANS are connected to seperate isolated ISCSI switches.  Once I configure the remote copy of the LUNS will I be able to just install the CMC on a laptop at the DR site to look at the HP4500 over there and will the remote copy still work?

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