Powershell script during SRM cleanup

Is there a way to run a powershell script during the SRM cleanup process? SRM v6.5

Here's the situation

We have two production domain controllers at our DR site that are up and running all the time. These are for VPN authentication and DNS for the infrastructure. During a DR test, we shut these down and use clones of these DCs for the test.  This way, anything we do during the DR test isn't going to impact the production DCs. When the DR test is done, we delete the clones and power the production DCs back on.

I have a script that does the DC shutdown, clone, and power on of the clones.  This script is at the beginning of the recovery plan.  It works great.

I'd like to script the deletion of the clones and the power on of the production DCs but, I don't know where to stick it.  Ideally, the cleanup process is where it should go.  I thought about putting a pause at the end of the recovery plan and then the deletion script but, if somebody accidentally answers the prompt, it could bring up the production DCs on the same network as other older restored DCs.

Any help anyone could provide would be ... uh .... helpful.

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