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Placeholder VMs missing

Hi I would like to know if there has encountered the same error using SRM in VSAN environment and If there is any solution.

When doing test recovery on 1 test VM, we encountered the "Place holder VMs........ missing"

I've already specified the PROD vsan datastore in PROD site and DR vsan datastore in DR site.

My confusion is, in assigning placeholder datastore in an VSAN configuration; is it okay that my own site vsan datastore is available for placeholder datastore?

This is the same scenario in both PROD and DR SRM configuration for placeholder datastore.

From what I think (if its true) that the placeholder datastore should be the recovery site datastore. So in my PROD SRM place holder, I should be able to see the DR vsan datastore and select it.

BTW, I'm using vsphere replication and I've created a DR_VM folder inside the VSAN datastore so my replicated VMs will be stored there instead on the root vsan datastore.

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Can you post the exact message you're getting ? And have you created the placeholder datastore in both sites ?


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Yes you definitely need to specify a datastore at the DR site for the placeholder's for failover. Also the same for failback, but on the live site.. You should not select a datastore that contains replicated VMs as this can cause issues with failback however I read recently that with vSAN this is okay as you will only have 1 datastore anyway: http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2016/06/13/can-i-select-vsan-as-my-placeholder-datastore/


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