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New DR setup using SRM

Hi Team,

We are planning to implement SRM for the DR site.

Have few clarifications and need your expert advises

Existing set up

  1. Main Site : ESXi 6 and EMC storage and VM's.
  2. DR site . ESXi hosts, storage and network availability.
  3. DR site Hosts and Storage configuration to be started from beginning.


  1. High Level Steps to be configured on both Main Site and DR site.
  2. High Level Steps to configure SRM with EMC for replication of VM's
  3. Can I use different IP address at DR site for the Application and can SRM switch back to default IP when failover to DR  site?
  4. I read in article that Cisco OTV will help the end users to access the application with the same IPs regardless of which site the application is running on. Can this be achieved?

Thanks in advance


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

1. SRM documentation: VMware Documentation Library

2. See SRM documentation and EMC SRA documentation for your array & SRA

3. Yes, SRM supports customizing IP addresses as part of failover. Details in the documentation.

4. Cisco OTV allows for a stretched layer 2 network between 2 sites. This would allow for a VM to run at either site with the same IP.

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