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Moving LUNs between datastore groups

I have several LUNs replicated between two EMC Unity SANs.  The LUNs I want to replicate are all in their own consistency groups (there are two per group just based on how the storage was initially set up).  For three of the consistency groups, SRM groups those LUNs together in their own datastore groups.  For the fourth, however, it is in the datastore groups with all the non-CG LUNs.  I have verified that they are set up the same on the back-end, and in the datastore inventory (each CG is basically a datastore cluster with the correct LUNs in the cluster).  I've also verified that all the VMs on those LUNs don't have files on any other LUNs (that I can tell) and that no other VMs have disks on these LUNs.  Is there a way to force SRM to put these two LUNs in their own datastore group?

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