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Missing Datastore Groups

Hello, We recently suffered a complete loss of our primary storage and VM were brought online in DR using the local copy of SRM (no graceful failover). We have rebuilt the Prod (SAN) side and recovered a number of servers that we did not failover. The servers in DR have been replicating to the new storage for a week with no issues. These are all new replication schedules from the DR side upstream tot he new SAN in prod.

My issue is when I try to create a new Protection Group none of the new Storage based replication groups are there. before this hardware issue everything was working fine. I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing to why none of my storage replication groups are showing in the list. I'm thinking it has something to do with the way they were recovered in DR. 

Everything else that I can think of is configured correct and I have rescanned everything even restarted SRM.

Our storage vendor is HPE/Nimble


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