Implementing Shared Recovery Sites in an existing SRM environment

I have an existing SRM 5.1 environment comprised of a single protected site and a single recovery/DR site.  A third site has just been brought online and I would like to implement Shared Recovery Sites in order to use a single, common recovery site for the two production sites.  I know how to set up a shared recovery site infrastructure from scratch (by specifying a unique SRM ID during the install of each SRM pair) but is there a procedure that needs to be followed to convert an already existing SRM environment into the shared recovery site model?

My assumption is that, because the existing SRM deployment has a unique SRM ID (whatever the default is for any "normal" install) and i'll be creating the new SRM pair with a unique SRM ID, each pair will essentially end up with unique IDs and everything will function as expected.  Before I go ahead with this though, I just want to be sure I don't need to perform a reinstall or a repair on the existing environment.

Has anyone done this before or is there a VMware doc I'm missing somewhere?



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It should work. You can add additional SRM pair (with custom ID).

Existing installation can be leaved as is.

As per

"Installing SRM with a custom extension does not preclude you from  creating an additional installation, extending the same instance of  vCenter that uses the default extension. Similarly, installing SRM with  the default extension does not preclude you from creating an additional  installation, extending the same instance of vCenter that uses a custom  extension. You can run SRM with custom extensions only; the default  extension is not a requirement."


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