How to protect more sites

Dear guys,

i worked already with SRM and working now with V5 i feel quite excited.

I always protected 2 sites only with bidirectional protection.

What about now if i want to protect more sites ?
I mean : i have a central location and i would like different locations to do failover on the central location.
Is it enought to keep 1 VCenter and 1 SRM server in the central location + 1 SRM and 1 Vcenter for each remote location or shall i have a 1 to 1 assignment like :

Central location (VCenter1 + SRM1 ) <=>remote location (VCenter + SRM)

Central location (VCenter2 + SRM2 ) <=>remote location (VCenter + SRM)

and so on ..

Many thanks in advace,


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Hi i got an answer from VMware direclty.

It is possible as far as it is.
and these seem to be the limitations


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