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I have a question to ask about the configuration of SRM 5.1 with two EVA8400 and HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00

I configured SRA as from manual HP StorageWorks HP EVA Storage Replication Adapter version 5.01.00 for VMware vCenter SRM Administrator Guide page 17:

In case array management is subject to change, and if the local HP Command View EVA Server does

Not actively manage the array, the following configuration can be used:

1. At the protected site Storage Admin portal, add the HP Command View EVA server local site.

2. Add the EVA array EVA array and Recovery site to EVA array (see Figure 14 (page 18)).

3. Configure the Remote Site Details (see Figure 15 (page 18)) and enter the details of Recovery

Site Array Manager (see Figure 16 (page 19)).

4. Repeat these steps for Recovery site Storage Admin Portal. In step 3, enter the Primary site

Array Manager details.

By implementing this configuration in array manager of the primary site , the one that manages both EVAs  all is oK,while the second site returns the following error:

SRA command 'discoverArrays' failed. SRA operations failed

Check SRA services and CV servers

I think it's a normal situation because at this time the secondary site does not manage any storage.

My reasoning Is correct?

Thank you


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