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HP EVA 6400 - SRM

Hi All,

I need expert advice on the approach we could follow to replicate the HP EVA 6400 SAN between primary & DR site. Just to give a background, HP EVA 6400 SRA doesn't support SRM 5.5. Hence we thought of proposing vSphere Replication, however, due to bandwidth limitations & datastore size in large TB's, we need to identify another alternative to this.

So, Is there any manual way if we could shut down the VMs hosted on HP EVA 6400 SAN on primary site, reverse the replication group on the storage array & manually changing the IP adderess on those VMs, before starting it up on the DR site.

Is this a feasible & technically possible solution? What are the caveats & any other challenges? Please suggest if we are missing something as we need to propose such solution to the customer.

Looking forward for quick response on this.



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