Failover Recovery Plan stuck

Hi all!

We our now in test phase for our SRM setup.

I created a protected group with 3 servers and then click on recovery to do a test.

It seemed like it recovered fine, but now when I try to do a clean up it won't work.

For the past 2 weeks now it has just been stuck at failover recovery plan 36%. I have looked at the recovery plan and it just says recovery in progress.

I am new to SRM and having trouble trying to find how and why it is stuck.

I have restarted all SRM services and virtual center server service.

We have 2 SRM servers and 2 vCentre servers.

I am not to sure on where the logs are that I can attach to this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


We are using array replication and have an EMC san.

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Do you get option of Test failover again, is yes do it again and then perform the cleanup operation.



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