Failed to sync data on replica devices

Hi SRM Community,

We just installed SRM 6.5. We're testing it out. We have a simple Recovery Plan using Array Based Replication.  When we go to test it, there is a checkbox "Replicate recent change to recovery site" - this causes the test to error out if we set it. 

Investigating, we found that when we went to Discover Devices on the Array Pair, we see the error below:

Internal error: class Dr::Xml::XmlValidateException "element 'SourceDevices' is not allowed for content model '(SourceDevice+)'" (6)


The odd thing is if we test the recovery plan without checking the "Replicate recent change to recovery site" box, the test succeeds.

Hoping someone has seen this before!


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VMware Employee
VMware Employee


What storage array are you using? What firmware and SRA version?



Director - VMware Site Recovery Manager
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VMware Employee

Can you check the Production Site SRM server's vmware-dr.log for the results of the 'syncOnce' SRA command. You should see and input similar to the following:

<Command xmlns="http://www.vmware.com/srm/sra/v2">






         <SourceDevice id=“dev_1" />




Sometime after this command has been issued, you should receive a response from the array like the following:



      <SourceDevice id=“dev_1">

         <DeviceSync id="sync-1022" status="inProgress">







If you get an error code however and the code contains a number higher than 1000, then the issue is storage vendor specific and you should open a support ticket with your storage vendor. An example would look like this:

         <SourceDevice id="dev_1">

            <Error code="1209"/>



This is most likely an issue with either the SRA not interpreting the request properly, or the SRA sends the request to the array but the array is not able to implement the requested action. Either way, you are probably going to have to contact your storage vendor.

Also, as Stefan said, make sure that the SRA version and the storage are compatible with your SRM release.


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