Does SRM support Single protected site with Two recovery sites?

I have single protected site and a recovery site with vCenter 6.0 and SRM 6.1 at each site.

Protected Site A  ---->  Recovery site B

VC_A + SRM_A1          VC_B + SRM_B

We plan to setup additional Recovery site C. As SRM only supports point-to-point replication and each VM can only be protected a single time/by a single SRM pair.

1) Do I need to setup additional SRM in Protected site A to form another SRM pair between site A and C?

Protected Site A  ---->  Recovery site C

VC_A + SRM_A2          VC_C + SRM_C

2) Would it be possible to create two sets of protection group for a VM between Site A and B and; Site A and Site C?

i)  VM_PG_A_to_B Protected Site A  ---->  Recovery site B

ii) VM_PG_A_to_C Protected Site A  ---->  Recovery site C

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No, SRM only supports multiple recovery sites in a ring topology. Although A could replicate to both B and C, they would need to be separate VMs and not the same ones, otherwise A => B => C is what's supported. See this blog post for more details.


For Shared Recovery and Shared Protection Sites model from the blog, is the main data center able to failover to branch office 1 as first priority and branch office 2 as second priority?

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Ideally priority should not matter in this case as you are the one who would be initiating the DR or planned migration based on the situation. Based on the criticality you can decide which set of VM's needs to be recovered in the first place.

Recovery is something that would not initiate without human intervention.

Please keep in mind that the VM's protected in Branch office 1 would not be the same set of VM's protected in branch office 2.

Answering to your original question

Assume you have two clusters ,Cluster A & Cluster B each contain 10 VM's on the main datacenter

You can install 2 SRM server on main datacenters and recovery site B,Assume you will recover cluster A VM's

Then you cannot protect the same set of VM's(Cluster A) on recovery site C. You have to protect cluster B VM's

Generally multi site recovery comes in to the picture when you have production VM's running on recovery site B or recovery site C and those VM's needs to be protected too

Hope i have not confused you further. Smiley Happy



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