Configuring SRDF device groups in SRM 5

I have a customer who had a vSphere 4 environment.  About six months ago, I assisted in setting up SRM for them using the SRDF adaptor.  Two and a half hours ago, I got a phone call; they were migrating to vSphere 5, and SRM had stopped working.  I just got off the phone; they are opening a case with EMC support.  I'm left with a question.

It seems that SRM is using a SYMCLI device group to control the SRDF link.  The name of the group is in the log file, but none of us can figure out were it's coming from or how to change it.  Neither deleting and recreating the group nor a complete re-install of SRM clears it, even if the group was deleted from SYMCLI beforehand.  The old version was using an hand-editted XML config file that only contained the device ids.  During our many attempts, the log file showed some XML that it said was from standard input, and which contained the device group name.

During those tests where the device group existed with just the source devices, SRM was able to add the targets to the group, so we know that communication with SYMCLIL is working.

I've spent quite some time searching for answers on the web, now I'm turning to you.  Where and how does one set the device group names when configuring SRM?

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