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Add Datastore to SRM Protection Group - Alternative Options


We have a requirement where we need to add a newly created datastore to an existing SRM Protection Group.

At the moment, the only way I have found that allows us to do this is vSphere Web Client > SRM Plugin > Protection Group > Edit > Select the new replicated datastores

Is it at all possible to do this outside of the vSphere Web Client, perhaps with PowerCLI or vRO?

I have looked through the available cmdlets and APIs guides but have found nothing that does the required work

There seems to be vRO workflows to Create ABR Protection Group and add in unprotected datastores, and also another to add VMs to an existing Protection Group - but nothing for Datastores to existing PG

The two screenshots show the Array Pair detecting the new datastores, and the edit Protection Group allowing us to add these.



Thanks for any help!


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