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3par in synchronou​s long distance with Vmware SRM 5.1


I write because I have a question regarding a 3PAR configuration with VMware SRM.
A my customer would like to implement a solution based on three 3par7400c and VMware SRM 5.1.

I want to implement a SLD (synchronou​s long distance) replica with SRM 5.1.
The three storages 3PAR would be put on 3 different sites.
The primary site will be connected with Fibre Channel connectivity to the secondary site to be able to make a synchronous replica.
The third site will be connected with a mpls to 100mb to use asynchronous replication.
From the point of view 3PAR there should be no problems. Correct?

My customer would like to use as a protected site (where running the vm) as the primary site and site recovery (DR) the secondary site, in a nutshell would like to use the sites connected in FC so that you can utilize synchronous replication and in case of disaster recover have the updated data. The third site will accommodate only a 3PAR, no servers, in order to have an additional copy of the data.

But from what I've found in the HP 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery 5.5.2 Manager ™ User Guide:

In an SLD configuration with three HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems (A, B, and C),
A-B is configured in synchronous mode, A-C in asynchronous periodic mode, and
B-C is the standby link in asynchronous periodic mode. Then, SRM / SRA must be
configured between A-C only, implying That StoreServ A is configured in the protected
site and StoreServ C is configured in the recovery site.

So from what I understand the recovery site can not be one in synchronous replication. Correct?

Instead reading the document HP 3PAR Storage Replication Adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.1 Implementation Guide I found this:

SRM only supports one-to-one replication. If one of the pair in a Synchronous Long Distance
(SLD) setup is selected for SRM configuration, only the selected pair will be started after
re-protect in failover workflow.

At this point I need to know is if I can use the secondary site (the one with synchronous replication) as a recovery site?
It does not matter if I do start manually asynchronous replication on the third site after disaster recovery.

Thank you and greetings.

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