SRM and LVM.enableResignature setting

SRM and LVM.enableResignature setting

Hello Guys,

I am running esxi 5.0 and SRM 5.0.1 with the IBM storage box. I have issue with the LVM.EnableResingature settings. According to my understanding LVM.resignature setting needs to set 0 .Is this setting needs to be set on both sites LIVE and DR ? In our configuration we need to set to 1 in the live site.

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SRM will set LVM.EnableResignature to 1 for you, the problem is that is not a good setting to leave in place. If you relocate hosts between clusters or have hosts with that setting attaching to storage that is not originally part of that cluster and that setting is left to 1 then a new host coming on line with that setting may resignature VMFS volumes and you will have to manually re-register VMs

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