Webserver with SQL Server virtual machine security

I have a webserver with VMware Server (free) running on it.

I want to install a virtual machine on it with 2003 Server and SQL using VMware Server (free).

What would be the best way to set it up so that the webserver can get data from SQL but the SQL server remains protected from the internet?

The server has 2 network cards, and I know I can assign one card specifically to the virtual machine.... but is there a more efficient way such as 'Host only Networking'? I'm concerned with the traffic on the hardware switch affecting SQL response times.

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If this is a VM running a Webserver? Or is this a Web Server which also runs VMware Server? I assume the later.

I think you actually will want to move this question to the VMware Server forum as this is more a VM configuration question than a security question.

You really want a 'Host Virtual Adapter' per which is necessary for a Host-Only Network. There is a nice example of this in the documentation. In this way you get your desired security. As long as ICS or port forwarding is not configured you should be fine.

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